Being a Big Brother

Many people have seen the below video of one of our yearling brother wolves having at the den camera. He removed and destroyed the camera, without ingesting any of it. This is one of the most special (and pretty funny) den video clips from my point of view.

So much is going in this clip for me.

First, notice that there are pups in the den. With the pups five weeks old, mom, F2062, allows the rest of the family (dad and older brothers) access to the pups. Access, company, and providing food all start around now, as the pups begin to eat solid (mostly regurgitated) food. Mom would not have allowed this older brother in the den a week or more ago. So, much is changing.

Then, think about what this animal can do without opposable thumbs or hands. This guy got his nose into a hole and manipulated an object (camera) with his nose. Then, he used his mouth to grab and dismantle the camera (while not super surprising as wolves are incredibly strong, to do this with out ingesting anything is impressive to me).

And finally, young wolves have beautiful teeth! As wolves age, teeth fracture or wear down, but at one year old that mouth is just gorgeous.

Enjoy the video, but better yet, come by and see our wolf family in person.

6 responses to Being a Big Brother

  1. K&G says:

    Any concern about that hawk up there? Are the pups too big to be a snack by now?

    • Sherry Samuels says:

      The pups, for the most part, are too big for a hawk to make a meal of. The pups tend to be together, under the watchful eye of their older family members, so it would be hard for any bird in our area to make a snack of our little ones.

    • Sherry Samuels says:

      It sure looks like that Bob, but hard to understand how that could be ?!?

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