Virginia Bear Update- Post #2, Transport

The last post about Virginia ended with us needing to make a plan to get Virginia off the cliff. We gathered our bear crate out of storage and began planning. Numerous ( I think 20) people began working on all the details needed. My notes outline for this project is 6 pages long and it’s called CLIFF CATCH CRATE. (I like alliteration). In general, the points below were those to focus on. crate security and functionality securing crate in positionRead more

Yona’s surgery- it’s over and she is back

Yona has now been back at the Museum for about 1.5 days now and is recovering from her surgery to remove a bone fragment in her elbow.  Read an article and see better pictures than below by the News & Observer- the photos are way better than mine (see the photo gallery for all the pictures). A few photos I took are below, as well as a couple of Yona back at the Museum. We’ll keep you posted as to when she will goRead more

Yona Update

It’s been almost one month since Yona had her day at the vet school.  Just about all of the reports are in and the talking continues to determine what the best course of action will be. We will almost definitely be doing surgery in late September when the weather cools to remove the bone fragment from her arm (her medial coronoid process – a bone in her elbow- has fragmented). As always, we’ll keep you updated. Check out the videoRead more

Yona’s visit to the Vet School

What a long day.  In February I wrote about Yona’s first radiographs. Today, Tuesday, was the next step. Many of you know that Yona went to North Carolina State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine’s Teaching Hospital today. Today was the day to do whatever tests were needed to figure out what was going on with her leg. Whatever is going on is not stopping her from doing anything she would normally do, but we know something is just not right withRead more