Spotlight: Volunteer Karyn

Karyn is a wonderful volunteer, although she prefers live in secret. Karyn does so many different things to help us out.  She can do all of the typical volunteer tasks- cleaning in the Farmyard, taking care of the education animals, and preparing diets -and then some. We ( I guess the ‘me’ part of ‘we’) often pull her off  regular volunteer tasks and have her step in to help out in so many different ways. She’s organized all our enrichment supplies, superRead more

How Enriching!

Twas a lovely, cool morning last week and I was working in Explore the Wild tending to the bears. The bear enrichment that day was to put syrup in holey balls, and I thought it’d be fun to do it from the bear overlook and watch the bears interact with it. When I got up to the bear overlook, I wondered if I would run into Karyn, a member who I see around the museum quite a bit. I hadRead more

QuikPost:Tweets about Yona’s trip to Durham

I am preparing for my trip to go get Yona on Friday. I will be reporting in on Twitter as the day happens. You can follow Museum twitter activities @lifeandscience, or go here: We’ll be live tweeting Yona’s arrival at, or click here. I’ll share photos on the blog over the weekend.Read more