Dr. Vanderford dons the gown again

The Ring-tailed lemurs have been getting along well since the initial incidents with their introductions. ¬†(Hopefully Autumn will get some photos to share of the snuggling occurring).¬†That’s why we were very surprised to find Henri one day with his ear split. He, and the others, were all acting totally fine both before and after, but his ear did need to get sutured. Take a look:          Read more

Ring-tailed lemur update

Sorry it’s taken so long to update you about the lemurs here. I’ve been busier than busy. It’s been a long road, and although the end can be seen, it is still way off in the distance. The end of the road: to add a group of five young ring-tailed lemurs to our group of two old ring-tailed lemurs. In July 2014 five ring-tailed lemurs from the Toledo Zoo made their way. Young, bouncy, and active… I never had suchRead more