A long time coming for this pup check

While temperatures are still high, the summer seems to have just flown by. This is the first Blog post in well over one month, and I have pictures to share of pups that are well over 30 pounds! We had our whole team plus an additional four staff helping us catch up our 20-week olds! It’s no simple task anymore getting our six “pups” caught. With 10 wolves in the yard there is a lot going on. Long story short,Read more

Pup Check Follow-up

We’re past the critical first 30-days for the pups and have made it through fairly unscathed. This doesn’t mean we’re out of the woods, but it does mean one big sigh of relief as we pass this huge benchmark. There are so many benchmarks we’ve passed already: First pup check and assuring all body parts as they should be First week getting through without any foot abrasion causing systemic infection First measured weight gain so we know mom can supportRead more

Today’s Pup Check

A long day is finally winding down. I know all you want to see is pictures of the pups and hear about how they are doing, so I will spare you the details of the day. Both pups were in the den upon arrival! They were busy wrestling with each other and gnawing on a rat that M1803 (dad) had dropped off earlier. I say huge because, well, they are huge. Their dad, M1803 is huge (almost 80 pounds) andRead more