Friend or foe?

Aaah, springtime! There are so many great things that happen in the spring: beautiful flowers come into bloom, the trees are full of bright green buds, temperatures are perfect for outside adventures, baby animals are in abundance, and suddenly every living thing seems rejuvenated! And those changes in activity and behavior also apply to the museum animals. Wendy the woodchuck has come out of hibernation and is starting to climb around her exhibit and run around the support hall again.Read more

The tale of the pig and the duck

Once upon a time there was a pig that lived at the town’s local museum. His home was in a farmyard and he had neighbors such as sheep and goats that lived there, too. Pig lived with his good friend Goose, but one day she passed away of old age. Pig became confused by not having Goose with him anymore, so Pig’s caretakers decided he needed a new bird companion. They decided on a muscovy duck, so they went andRead more