Training A Blue Jay

I used to be in charge of the pigs training, but since I was moved as an inside keeper I became Jaybird’s trainer.  It is Jaybird’s job to be an education animal, you may have read in earlier posts that s/he had on alymaries and jesses. Well… those did not work out too well, it seems that s/he does not like those on at all and we kept finding them in pieces. We finally gave up and decided that JaybirdRead more

QuikPost:Jaybird update

Not too long ago I introduced our Blue Jay. I stated that I would update you on some new words if he learned any. He has learned two in my opinion. Unfortunately, its almost impossible to be able to record them because he is random when he goes into his babbling fits. The first noise is a noise that our baby degus made in the first few weeks. This is usually a high pitched scream, I ran into the EHRRead more