Thank you Marilyn!

We got a truck load (literally) of food delivered a few days ago. 63 boxes of food and Marilyn broke down EVERY SINGLE BOX. Huge thanks goes out to Marilyn for stepping out of her day job and helping out (again) in the animal department.Read more

Libby & Marilyn bond.

Take a look at what happened when Kristen came to visit a couple months ago Libby is much bigger now, and Marilyn‘s hair has grown in. Marilyn’s hair changes over time: take a look:  here (blonde) and here (blue)  and here it’s long and here (long and blonde!).  Read more

Spotlight: Marilyn Johnson

This is Keeper Marilyn. Marilyn started working in the animal department almost 6 years ago. She started working 10 hours each week, and worked herself into a full time job after about 9 months. (On the right she is trying to get a weight on an opossum). Marilyn’s attention to detail is outstanding. She loves to learn and is always thinking of innovative things for the animals. If you need someone to help you don’t even have to ask, she’llRead more

QuikPost: Department Update

We’re probably going to be posting a little less for a while. As you know, Kimberly has moved on to work with Homo sapiens. Separately, Marilyn is out recovering from surgery and will not be back until sometime in December. So, the remaining staff here will be hustling and bustling to deal with all that needs to get dealt with. We’ll still be blogging and sharing what is going on it just won’t be as frequent. Wolf Physicals are onRead more

Zookeeper Appreciation Week

  Thanks to Sherry, Aaron, Katy, Kent, Marilyn, Jill, Sarah and Jessi for all your hard work and dedication. Zookeepers have an amazingly rewarding job that can also be physically demanding and once a year we all deserve a little pat on the back!Read more