First week in October

Since last week, I am happy to report a truckload of stumps have been picked up and are dispersed through most of the Farmyard yards. Some are being cut smaller today so we can use them indoors as well.

I filled my truck with whatever stumps I was able to lift.

Besides adding stumps to yards, we got the bear yard mowed, weed-eated, as well as seeded (with an annual rye grass) and aerated. Lemur yard also got a mowing and weed-eating. The bear and wolf yards need more work, but that will come later this month.

Today, however, we focused on getting the bears their rabies vaccines and general body condition scoring (bcs) and look over. We do BCS every October.

Janine has trained the bears to stand up, present paws, and even open their mouth.

Janine asks Gus to stand
Dr. Vanderford can look at paws, eyes, and even inside the bear’s mouth.

The bears seen today did great- and looked great, even though Yona decided not to stand!

Watered-down syrup is a great food item to keep the bears engaged and focused on Janine.

We also checked the teeth on all our rabbits today. Two will need to have their teeth filed in a couple weeks.

Lightning has his physical tomorrow, so more news soon about him.

Rob holding Latte while Dr. Vanderford gets a look at her teeth.

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