Summer is Here

Again this week, not sure where the time has gone. Yes, it’s only Tuesday night, but my schedule has me off grounds starting around noon on Wednesday. Seems that putting out fires (figuratively) or being in meetings has limited my access to some good photos (as well as my sanity). Furthermore, the heat lowers my tolerance threshold. I go through several masks and bandanas daily, but do get to spend some quality time in the walk-in freezer.

Here a few photos from the week that have brought smiles to my face. I hope for you as well.

I walked out of an atypical door and literally found Shayna two steps away sitting on the ground with a bearded dragon. I guess she, and Mary, found it more enjoyable to sun with the dragons rather than pull out the sunning cages

Shayna with Ichabod
Mary with Duckiedragon

Misha is our 30+ year old red-tailed hawk. Anytime I see Misha I smile. Janine took Misha on a walk, and brought him indoors to visit. Misha will be visiting with our campers next week too, virtually.

Janine brought Misha, our red tailed hawk, to the building

And while we’re talking about birds of prey, Katy got a picture of the barred owl inside the newish tree-cavity provided by our interns.

While heading out to Explore the Wild today, I found Rob, Jordan, and Lightning on a stroll. Who doesn’t like seeing Lightning out for a walk ?!?

Finally, wandering through the Farmyard and catching this photo of the pigs brought me to pen some poetry. Enjoy my Pig Haiku:

  • Miss Piggy, Auggie
  • What a great life the pigs have
  • Peacefully napping

Miss Piggy and Auggie

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