What’s been going on here

It seems to be a theme– another package of goodies sent for the critters. This time, no note, so a huge THANK YOU to the sender(s) of these items.

These cooling cushions work really, really well!

With all the rain this week, a lot of our add-on projects got postponed. We’ll be spending time getting wet, drying off, and getting wet again, so look for a report next week.

However, you know we got the wolf pool cleaned last week. Every wolf pool cleaning comes with some specific challenge. This time was not different. Some broken pipes and stopper and SUPER-ROBBIE to the rescue to make repairs.

Janine, with Robbie, as he gets the system covered up and ready to go.
Robbie is one of our Mechanics. He’s got a special tool in hand that we will need the next time we drain/clean the pool. It’s impossible to get the drain plug off without the tool

Everyday, besides protecting ourselves, each other, and the animals, we try to figure out ways to smile. Janine had mentioned she had some large boulders to move at her home. Finally, using physics and science, she was able to move the two large rocks seen below (the large one probably weighs half a ton!)

Janine modeling her impressive rock moving success

And while we’re being impressed, take a look at my new uniform, which keeps people about 6 feet away from me:

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