Copperheads on Campus

It is the time of year when we start to see more snakes, and copperheads are just one of the very common snakes found on our grounds, in Durham, and around the state.

The past couple days we had to remove two copperheads from unwanted areas.

Janine and Rob were loading limbs (from last week’s yard work) onto the trailer to haul off. Janine was pleasantly surprised (I mean terrified) to come just about face to face with this little one as she was loading.

So, we safely gathered this snake with appropriate tools, and relocated it away from the Explore the Wild animal habitats.

Janine and Rob had double-duty this week with their copperhead removals. This second one was found inside the lemur house. About once a year we remove a copperhead from the lemur house floor, or drain area, but this time, it was different.

Can you see the snake?

Hanging on the fence, between lemur stalls #1 and #2, about 3 feet up, was this copperhead.

The lemurs, were, and are fine. They were alarm calling, as they could see the snake well before the humans could.

We’ll be dealing with copperheads for the next several months. Hopefully the next copperhead removals are less interesting than these past two events.

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