We miss you!

It’s been an intense two weeks– for everyone. I am happy to report that so far, all is mostly okay with the Animal Care Team.

Our operations are very different, and it’s quiet not having loads of people around. Some animals seem to prefer having less people on grounds. For instance, the muskrat is more active when it’s quiet. However, our donkey, Lightning, is one that seems to do better when people are here. We’ve set up a table & chairs outside the yard so someone can sit and keep him company over lunchtime or other times. (Maybe I’ll try to write the next blog post while sitting at that table!)

Can you see the 3 goats in the picture? Charlie is the highest, then below him is Percy. Gypsy goat is to the right of Percy, below the platform

We’ve taken the social distancing very seriously. The Animal Care office was quite small, so we’ve moved everyone out and set up tables in Carolina Wildlife where there is more space.

This table, with the Farmyard Logbook, is outside the turtle tanks and skunk habitat.

This table is where the Indoor animal logbook is kept. It’s between the muskrat and owl/alligator homes. Yes, that is an outdoor umbrella on top of the table. The live trees in Carolina Wildlife shed leaves– and sap 🙂

Besides maintaining our distance from each other, we’ve divided the Animal Care Team into two separate working groups that never overlap. This separation provides an additional layer of security for our operations.

It’s very different though. Less hours on grounds, and less hours with each other are causing us to figure out new ways of getting our daily care done, as well as tackling large projects.

We’ve got help though! We’ve got some staff from other departments that have shifted, and are supporting animal care. These staff are divided as well, and remain on opposite teams. We’ve got seven “staff helpers” who are assisting us. Photos below of three helpers from our Retail Operations Team

Thanks Jordan!
Andrew, learned how to prep animal diets, and works the same schedule with us as Jordan.
Carrie is our lone Sunday helper. We love having her, and she told me this morning that she loves helping!

We’ll keep you posted on the goings on here… check back the end of the week. Most importantly, take care of yourself-– for yourselves, those in your life who are important to you, and for others. Maintain your distance, wash your hands, and don’t touch your face.

3 responses to We miss you!

  1. Lillian P. Spiller says:

    I’m not surprised that Lightening misses everyone. He is definitely one of the most popular attractions in the barnyard. Thanks to you all for what you do. I love seeing your updates. Take care of yourselves!!!!

    • Sherry Samuels says:

      Thanks Lillian,
      We’re being as safe as possible. More updates soon.

  2. Camp Katie says:

    Thinking of everyone in the animal department and the entire museum family! ❤️

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