New Bearded Dragon

I’m hoping our newest bearded dragon will be out of quarantine this month. All new animals go through a quarantine period upon arrival. It allows us to do testing and due diligence to assure that impact on our current animals will be negligible.

I tend to call all bearded dragons, “Dragon”, but you can call her DD, which is short for Duckiedragon. I am a huge fan of hers because she eats her vegetables!!! Many bearded dragons eat their insects really well. DD eats her bugs quickly AND her veggies.

If you don’t want to see live bugs getting eaten, don’t click through the video snips below.

AND… QUESTION FOR YOU: On February 17th (my daughter’s birthday), DD weighed 352 grams. One week later, on the 24th, she weighed 300 grams. ANY IDEAS WHY? (I’ll post in a few days, but please share ideas in the comment section)


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