Closed Monday Work

Lots and lots goes on at the Museum, especially on Mondays when we are closed. Here’s a list of items that occurred the last two weeks:

I helped, albeit minimally, our Facilities and Exhibits teams work in Hideaway Woods. A whole team of folks have been working hard on upkeep to the treehouses.

Our Animal Care Team dealt with two large deliveries of Farmyard feed and bedding, as well as bedding and materials for other animals, including putting together a new storage shed for supplies at the lemur habitat.

In the photos below, you’ll see Animal Care Specialists taking apart and putting back together (what we call “super cleaning”), the aviary and skunk habitats in Carolina Wildlife.

Paige and Mary in Florian’s home doing cleaning.
Rob in the Aviary scooping out old mulch. Notice the towels covering the signs? Once the mulch is out, Rob will be hosing and scrubbing everything down. Proactively setting the towels up will make clean up a little easier. Good job Rob.
The shop vac to vacuum up all the dust that cannot be swept up, and bags of new mulch ready to be loaded in.

Also, we got our bears caught up so we could go in and work in the bear habitat. There was lots of “scooping” to be done, as well as moving branches in to cover up our culvert pipes. When the ground is less mushy, we’ll drive lots of loads of dirt in build mounds over the culvert pipes, but for now, loads of brush were dragged in.

Dakota pulling the poop bucket. She’s next to one of the culvert pipes with limbs and brush on.
Alex, from our Outdoor Landscape Environment Team, did a lot of work moving branches.

With only 10 more closed Monday work days this season, we still have a lot of projects to get done. More super cleaning, bear pool cleaning, and more is on the list. One by one we’ll knock everything out!

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