Tomorrow is Christmas

I cannot believe tomorrow is Christmas. It’s been a hectic several weeks with little desk time to share the news about what’s been going on. Instead, at least for now, let’s reflect on past Christmas’. Click here for Christmas 2018, and click here to read about those from years earlier.

Holidays, birthdays, or other days of importance, are times when I specifically try to reflect on where I have been and what I have to be thankful for. Besides reflection, I like to “pay it forward”, and working Christmas is one small way I do that for my team.

So, before tomorrow gets here, a few quick pictures below to highlight some of what I am thankful for.

These three 6-month old alligators joined us a couple weeks ago. Young, adorable, new life brings great smiles… and responsibilities.

A daughter who likes my old, non-air conditioned truck, and drives herself to school.

Our 10-pack of red wolves, high on the cliff. I’ve worked with 50 red wolves…(over 20 of them pups!), one of the most endangered mammals on the planet. How fortunate I have been to have spent time with this particular family and these amazing animals.
When I arrive home tomorrow after working, while my human family is away, I’ll have someone to snuggle with, under a warm, cozy blanket.

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