So much help (for so much work)

We just finished up bear pool cleaning and yard work. It’s a bear of a task and takes help from so many people. Folks from six different Museum teams spent about 100 total hours taking care of tasks and the bears. The pools are now clean, yard is mowed and weed-eated; poop-scooping complete; pruning off fences; viewing camera is now functional; added traction to cliff access for bears, and probably some other items I’m too tired to remember.

The team worked well after 8 PM Sunday and started before 6 AM Monday to get the work done as quickly for the bears (and guests).

Thanks to everyone (many others besides the folks seen below)!!

Chris and Autumn getting ready to pressure wash the moat
Jill and Janine finishing up cleaning the middle pool
Brad, from our Human resources Team smiling prior to spending an hour or so mucking out “stuff” from the bottom of the pools.
Ranger Brooke from our Guest Relations Team getting materials ready to scoop the entire yard.
Christian and DeCario, from our Outdoor Landscaping Team, installing footholds for the bears to more easily move and up and down the cliff ramp.
Brandon and Stacey from our Exhibit’s department getting the camera operational
Rob, from Landscaping, finishing up weed-eating and poison ivy detail. Yona watches closely on the right

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