Alpaca shearing complete

Shearing is a critical part of taking care of our alpacas.
Jonathan, who’s been shearing our alpaca since they’ve been here, shears Emily, while Keepers Katie and Chris assist. Notice the legs extended and tied off to help make it safer for the alpacas and easier for Johnathan. If the alpaca don’t stay still it is dangerous for everyone.
Alpacas are native to South America. Their fleece helps keep them warm in the cold climate of the Andes Mountains. However, we live in a different climate and shearing our girls is important for their health and wellness. With our hot and steamy summers, removing fleece (as well as providing pools of water, misting fans, and shade) is critical.
Naked alpacas– they must be feeling much cooler!
We typically shear annually in April and this gets our girls through the summer heat with less insulation. Come say hi and look at our newly sheared alpacas. We sell the fleece to support our Enrichment Program. We still have some left — leave a comment if you are interested in purchasing, or send a message through our website.

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