Closed Mondays

Loads happens at the Museum on Mondays when we’re closed. We really couldn’t do painting or major cleaning without shutting down areas so the time is well appreciated and used. Last week in the Animal Department world we off-loaded and stored almost 4,000 pounds of animal bedding and feed and in the next couple weeks were adding new signage in Carolina Wildlife and fixing the Copperhead’s home.

Recently, I found a team from Facilities and Exhibits pressure washing and painting the rocket on the same day I found Aaron pressure washing our rooms indoors. Keepers emptied everything from behind the scenes into Carolina Wildlife so Aaron could hose down just about everything behind the scenes.

Thanks everyone for the hard work!!  (Next Monday we’ll be setting up for Santa Train! and on the 10th of December we’ll be working in the bear yard cleaning pools, and getting ready for winter).

Thanks Aaron!
suds everywhere– along with clean floors and walls and animal playpens.
I caught Al on his way to the Shop to grab more supplies for Rocket cleaning. Safety First! everyone working on the rocket had training on the boom lift and was harnessed in for their work.


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