Dr English… board certified veterinary ophthalmologist

Dr English, a board certified veterinary ophthalmologist, comes and checks on Museum animals every year. This year he saw 15 of our critters: three snakes, all our owls, our donkey, chinchilla and ferret, a rabbit, and all our aviary birds.

We’re so appreciative that Dr. English checks on the animals who need his help. He tracks any changes in patients’ eyes from previous visits and checks out new animals who we have concerns about. He and is team graciously and generously donate their services..

Below are a few photos from Thursday’s visit.

Dr English assessing Misha, our red tailed Hawk, as Aaron holds Misha. Misha came to us in 1993, blind in one eye after being shot.
Lightning gets seen outside. He did great for his check up and his eye issues continue to hold steady.
Salt Chinchilla has had tear duct issues.
not a great picture, but one of our corn snakes was checked on as well.



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