Storm Prep

We’ve been working hard, meeting, purchasing supplies, prepping and repeating since Monday to make sure we’re as prepared as possible for the weather we’re about to get.

Not much time to write a lengthy post, but know that lots has been occurring (and will continue) to make sure everyone (all animals, human and non-human) and everything are as ready as possible for weathering the storm.

As I type, Keepers and loads of Museum staff are making last preparations all around campus. Final “pre-storm” checklists are being finished and then tomorrow we’ll move into the next phase of storm work over the coming days.

Hope everyone is able to stay safe.

Mandy, from our Birthday Party Team, and Jamilia, from our Education and Programming Team getting ready to help take care of the Education Animals Thursday morning
Museum staff who helped with Farmyard and other outdoor tasks: Carrie and Krista from Retail, with Emily from Development behind them on the left. On the right side, Keeper Katie in the back, with Sarah, Chase, and Lauren from our Rentals Team. Aaron up front reviewing the plan for the morning. (and standing behind Aaron outside of the picture is Brad from our Volunteer Department).


Our fridges and freezers are all filled up with plenty of food for the animals for the next week and longer. (Our “people” fridges have plenty of food too).
diets are prepped and clearly labeled and stored for easy deployment in the morning.
Loads of items that could blow away have been secured or removed and stored all over campus.

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