Pup Prep

Tomorrow is April, so that means we’re not only hoping that we’ll have red wolf pups again this year, but we’re starting to prepare for possible arrival. At this point, the preparation includes a lot of communication within the animal department and to staff around the Museum. We make sure that supplies are ready and the Keepers not only ask questions but get prepared for a busy and exciting spring and summer. Of course, we won’t know if we’ll have pups until they actually arrive, as pseudo-pregnancies are regular occurrences.

Take a look below for a quick review of a one-pager that is shared with the team:

Katy even made more permanent ID cards. Do you recall the cardboard labels we used last year? Well, if we have pups this year, we can have up to 12!!!

cardboard labels


If we have Pups this year, should we refer to them by numbers or letters? (studbook numbers will be assigned after pups arrive. So, like last year, we’ll start with basic number– or letter– identification).

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