New Wolves settling in

It’s been a whirlwind getting our family of wolves checked out and up to NY and then getting in our new wolves. I think it was about 50 hours from beginning of transfers to the end. The family is doing well in NY and you can check them out, and the other wolves at WCC, on the webcams.

Our new wolves- M1803 and F2062 – handled their trips into the Museum well. As you know, M1803 had a long ride down from NY and arrived in the dark of evening. He settled in quickly to our side cage area. About 18 hours later F2062 arrived (much shorter drive from the NC Zoo to the Museum).

Everything is different for these two wolves: they each had been living alone for many months; neither was on exhibit for people to see; neither has lived in an exhibit with a cliff-face like ours. Ranger Greg has been reporting on his Blog about the new wolves and was kind enough to share all of these photos.


two red wolves
M1803 lower left and F2062 above him on the right.

Given all the changes, we couldn’t be more thrilled with how the introductions have gone. Both have been seen calmly sitting with each other (mostly far away from people but still together).

We’ve had some folks quietly watching the two new wolves in their new home. Volunteer Jeff Wolf (yes, that’s his name), reported the following to me from the wolves first day together:

Most of the time, they were separated with the female lying on hill back left and male on the small area on the hill on the right. He likes to dig there then lie down. Around 12:30, when there were no visitors, the male ventured down to the flats (using path on left) to explore but went back up the hill to join Female when visitors arrived.1:10, again with no visitors, male came down hill on left and marked the bush at the bottom of hill.  Went right back up when people showed up.1:35 when the keepers showed up, both were very wary initially then looked inquisitive while the kennels were being cleaned.  When keepers entered enclosure, wolves kept to opposite side from keepers. After keepers left, both stayed together top left for almost an hour.  Around 2:30, male went back to top right.  Female remained top left. Around 3:00, someone made noise in kennel area.  Male moved to far left.  He wandered down the hill and caught whiff of food.  Got a meatball then went back up hill.  That’s the only eating I saw.  Generally, I saw no sign of any hostility between the wolves.  They seemed fairly comfortable with each other especially when there was other activity in the area.  They were both very wary of people and visitors.  Their whole manner changed as soon as people arrived, ears down and skulking. They are beautiful creatures.  I enjoyed watching them.


red wolf M1803
M1803. Larger (36 Kg) and stocky with a very red/brown and full neck/head area make it easy to differentiate him from the female.
M1803 on the grounds level of the exhibit. He was born on May 6, 2010 and has sired two previous litters.
F2062, born on April 20, 2014. She’s smaller (25 Kg) than the male, more white on her muzzle, and a left ear tip that droops makes it a bit easier to identify her.
F2062. Fun Fact: She’s the daughter of M1784… that’s the dad of the family we just sent to NY.

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  1. Karen Owens says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for the update! I was lucky enough to see the parents and Teens before they left. Hoping the best for Moose and his new friend. Looks as though they’re off to a great start.❤️

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