Red Wolf SSP meeting 2017

list of breeding pairs of red wolves and transfers

Next week I am off to this year’s Red Wolf SSP Meeting. Every July I head to the master plan meeting for the red wolf species survival plan (SSP). Folks from around the country come together to talk “red wolves”. We review new research, what’s going on with the red wolves in the wild, any health advancements, and more. This is also when we make the breeding and transfer recommendations for the upcoming year.

With the pups born at the Museum this year, everyone has been asking me what’s going to happen to them. I should have more news when I return from the meeting the first week in August.

The meetings are also a time for me to catch up with friends who I only see once each year. I really value my time with them- they are an easy group to spend time with.

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    • Sherry Samuels says:

      working (ever so slowly) on posting about the Red Wolf SSP meeting- thanks for your patience Hans

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