Pupdate # 17

Given scheduling and temperatures, the pups were caught up early in the day on Saturday July 15. This was their 10-11 week “check up”. During this visit, in addition to the weighing and checking out their overall body, they got their last dewormer, second vaccine, and their microchip for identification.

Keeper Katie went in to the back den to retrieve the three pups that were in there. (Pup #2 was in the front den by herself). Katie passed the first pup to Jill to take out for the check up.

Since it was Saturday, we were a little low on bodies. I enlisted the help of our CFO, Debbie May, to be our note-taker. You can thank Eli, who works on our website and graphics, for coming in on his day off to take photos.

Debbie in the green talks with Dr. Vanderford, in the blue, to review the general plan for note taking, while I (purple) talk with Keeper Katie (red hair) about where the pups will go.

We have a a specific sheet we use when taking notes. This helps us to remember everything we want to do when we handle the pups. I’ve put the sheet from pup #2 below. Read the sheet and see what you think– ask any questions by leaving a comment and I’ll answer them. (Pup #2 had the most notes written so I wanted you to see it).

The four pups together weigh just about 65 pounds, so no more shots of me holding all of them at once. During their last check, some of the pups had flea dirt near their rump, but today there was no evidence of fleas. They’ve grown into their ears some, still have long lanky legs, but in general, are looking more and more like just mini-red wolves.

four keepers hold four red wolf pups
Aaron, Jill, Katie, and Autumn with our pups at the last check (from left to right pup #3, #5, #6, #2)


red wolf pup in container for weighing
Pup # 6 getting weighed– we use a MUCH BIGGER container for weighing them now.


keeper holds red wolf pup while veterinarian assesses
Jill holds pup # 5 as Dr. Vanderford checks him. He weighed 7.7 Kg, and up about 34% since the last weigh in almost three weeks ago.


two keepers each holding a red wolf pup
Keeper Katie has pup #6. She weighed 7.2 Kg, while pup #2, held by Autumn, is still the smallest at 6.35 Kg


Keeper holds red wolf pup
Aaron has Pup # 3, who continues to be our largest– weighing in at 8.05 Kg.


Pup #6 gets her microchip.



Not sure why Eli got this photo, but I noticed I have A LOT MORE gray hair than I used to! Check out my non-gray hair here or here.

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  1. Lori B. says:

    What does the ‘left toe’ comment mean on the sheet? Is that how you identify this one somehow?

    • Sherry Samuels says:

      Hey Lori, the “left toe” comment is indeed how we identify this female. She was the pup with the wound on her left foot that we treated right after she was born. She has a scar on that foot. Prior to micro-chipping this past week, this was the easiest way to tell the two female pups apart.

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