Pupdate #11… eating

Red Wolf pups nurse for over two months. By nine weeks old the pups are generally weaned. Typically around week 4-5 is when pups start eating “solid food”. By solid food I mean regurgitated food from the parents. We noticed some of the pups eating meatballs as early as 3.5 weeks old.

In addition to the photos below, there is a great video from the den camera. We snipped about 8 minutes of time from about 10:00 AM-11:30 AM on June 1st.  Besides just watching some generally cute pups (and a neat spider), you get to see mom coming in for some nursing, and dad dropping a rat for the pups. At one month old, the pups’ teeth are not large or strong enough to tear apart a rat, but they did nibble and tug on the rat for a long time.


3 red wolf pups nurse standing up
3 pups nursing on June 2
red wolf pup eats
pup # 3 nibbles on a meatball on June 1
red wolf pup with white rat in mouth
Friend Courtney got this, and many other photos. Soon the pups will be able to do more than just carry a rat around and play tug-of-war with it.
wolf with black food bowl in mouth
The female wolf, 1858, took the food bowl all the way up to the cliff ridge. Thanks mom!



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