Pupdate #6

Pup check on the 16th went well. Everyone’s eyes are open and our bucket doesn’t necessarily contain them anymore. Weights are still progressing at a consistent rate– all the pups weigh 1,425 grams-1,742 grams. (We’ll probably start reporting weights in Kg soon).  The Pups got their first round of de-wormer too.

Photos from the May 16th check are below for you- enjoy.

4 red wolf pups in container
one of the pups heading out of our container! We’ll start using a different container soon.
4 red wolf pups being held
May 16th- 18 days old and pretty cute


one red wolf pup
May 16 close up or pup


red wolf pup in hand
Pup #3. Notice his left ear. It makes him easy to identify. He weighed 1,742 grams on today’s weigh in


red wolf pup
Pup #3 doesn’t seem to like his head touched. He opens his mouth and squeals whenever we touch his head.


paw of red wolf pup
The injured paw of Pup #2 is looking great… all healed
red wolf pup gets medicine
First round of deworming.

red wolf pup in hand

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  1. LarryB says:

    Congrats on your success with the pups, they look great. Can’t wait to see them!

  2. Christine Surerus says:

    Yes congrats on these beautiful babies coming back into the world

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