Meet the New Farmyard Additions

If you haven’t visited us in the last year, you haven’t yet met the 11 new members of the farmyard!

Dusty and Dallas, two miniature Hereford bulls, moved into the cattle yard where Max and Chummix once lived.

Dusty, a Miniature Hereford BullDallas, a Miniature Hereford bull, faces the camera

Fern, Charlotte, Wren, Corky, Ducky, and Beatrice now call Brooklyn and Bronx’s former exhibit home.

Fern and Charlotte White Crested Black Polish chickensWren, Welsummer bantam chicken

Corky and Ducky, a pair of bantam chickensBeatrice, an Americauna chicken

Bill, Charlie, and Percy arrived to fill the shoes of Rocky, Patches, and Mona in the goat yard with Lightning and Gypsy.

Bill, a Nigerian Dwarf GoatCharlie, a Nigerian Dwarf goatPercy, a Nigerian Dwarf goat

All of our new additions are fairly young; ranging in age from 4 years to 6 months. While afternoon hours are still largely nap time in the farmyard, you may see these new faces awake and playing more often in the mornings or just before closing time.

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