Keeper Antics

Since Keeper Jessi and I work the same schedule it means that someone has to cover ETW when we are on our weekend. Most recently, this person is Keeper Kent.  In the bear house, we have large troughs which hold the bear’s water. You can only fill these troughs up so high or else they will be WAY to heavy to empty. On several occasions, Kent has filled these troughs up to the very top. So I have to assume that he thinks Jessi and I have become lady hulks.

Bear trough filled to the top!
Bear trough filled to the top!

take 2

I had to bail the water out as if I were on a sinking ship. You never know what you are going to find when someone else is covering your area!

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  1. Ranger Ro says:

    Next time do a cannonball into the tub. I bet that would quickly clear some water out for you.

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