Behind the Scenes Programs

About once, sometimes twice, each month we do special behind the scenes programs. These programs are really fun to do- spending extra time with some of the animals and some of our members is a special experience for everyone involved. A couple weeks ago at the bear behind the scenes program I challenged some adults to tattoo themselves and send me the photos. Thanks to Courtney (and Ro), below, for being my first takers. We had a fun night making enrichment for the bears and watching them work through the cardboard tubes stuffed with newspapers and food.

behind the scenes bears

A few months ago on a behind the scenes tour to meet our indoor animals, learn about diet prep and veterinary care, I was in awe of this little girl who was amazed by our kitchen and what we feed our animals. She let me take her photo to share with you all.

behind the scenes kid

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  1. Ranger Ro says:

    Had a blast! It was such an incredible experience. Thank you.

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