7 responses to Who Weighs More? Round 3

  1. Ranger Greg says:

    Hard to say since the size is difficult to judge in the photos. I’d have to say, though, that Gordon appears kind of weighty. He looks rather full of soft mushy stuff.
    Boba Fett looks young, trim, and slim.
    So, Gordon the Wall Street lizard weighs more.

  2. Sarah Van de Berg says:

    It is quite a challenge! Keep those guesses coming, you’ve got a 50% chance of being correct! I’ll post the answer here in the comments section tomorrow.

  3. Sarah Van de Berg says:

    And the winner this week is:

    Gordon the Crested Gecko!

    Boba Fett the garter snake is very long and thin. He weighs in at 46 grams.

    Gordon the Gecko is much chubbier in appearance but she only outweighs our tiny garter snake by 4 grams! Gordon weighs 50 grams.

    Wendy, asking if they had eaten was a really good question to ask. Gordon the gecko eats a small amount of food every day, so her weight stays pretty constant. Boba Fett eats twice a week, so depending on which day he gets weighed, he could weigh a little more or less.

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