Twas the night before Christmas

As I said, Sarah would soooooooooooooo be able to write my Christmas post to “Twas the Night before Christmas“. Enjoy:


Twas the morning of Christmas, and left on her porch, a bag of potatoes from Donna next door!

The bears won’t be hungry this Christmas day; not that they’ll eat them again until May.

The day started rough with glasses amiss, pillows were tossed, the room searched forthwith!

Resigning their fate to the bedroom elves, spare glasses were acquired and some coffee was quelled.

The morning began a mile away in the dark and quiet of the museum’s early day.

Logbooks were stacked to be ordered and checked as the morning went on, there’s no going back to bed!

Treatments were finished, notes were read. “Don’t let the pigs find the pumpkins!” Jill’s note to Donald said.

In Explore the Wild, a present was left. “A gift from the wolves” the unwanted tag read. A gasket was shredded, the pumps’ plug was chewed off. “We’re saving you energy! A gift you didn’t think of!”

As the morning wound down, all the animals were checked. Nothing went horribly wrong this year, how ’bout that?

So thankful we are for this day of the year, when our boss comes in so we can stay here.

“Here” might be close or miles away, but it matters greatly to us to be home Christmas Day.

This year went well, and with a new one in sight,
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

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