Thanksgiving Week.

Aaron with Tim, Harvey, Vicky, and Pheobe

On Monday I drove to South Carolina to swap our alligators for smaller ones. Aaron and I arrived at the Museum around 5 AM to catch-up our current alligators. We use under-the-bed storage containers for transport. Our alligators are all less than 4 feet in length:  Drilling air holes and duct taping the container works great for transporting our alligators.

Our Alligators are on loan to us from Alligator Adventure. When ours get too big for their exhibit or holding tank, we exchange them for smaller ones.

This year, we got hatchlings. We like to start with little ones since our exhibit is on the small side. Travis and his crew unpacked our foursome and loaded me up with these little ones. I should have brought them a tiny travel container to share but I forgot, so I loaded the four up into one container for the ride home.

Travis with our newbies

Monday was FREEZING if you recall, and I was worried about these little guys in the back of the van not getting enough heat… So I wedged the container in the seat next to me, turned the air vents toward them, and blasted the heat. I in turn, took off my sweatshirt, sneakers, and socks, and leaned my left arm the on cold window trying to stay cool. I shut the heat off every time I felt like passing out (not really, but emotionally that’s how it felt) and then turned it on again when I felt better. This went on and on for the ride home, and worked fairly well with only one minor incident. At one point, the tub leaned against the window button and the window started down. While confused, I quickly jostled the tub and used my button to close it up. (I did enjoy the burst of cold air though!)

my travel companions wedged into the passenger seat for the ride home










When I returned to the Museum it was time for the canebrake rattlesnake to get his/her shot. S/he has a recurring infection of the heat pit and every few years we need to “deal”. Click here to see how we safely do this.

And this is why I am posting today, on Thanksgiving. Jessi and Sarah have the honor of working Thanksgiving, Katy is in so we can give this snake the needed antibiotics. Katy will be gone by 9 AM, and Jessi and Sarah should be out around noon. They’ll leave me a list of what I need to do at closing.



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