Snake Enrichment

Even our snakes get enrichment! This morning while in the RHR (reptile holding room) I looked over and saw this…

Each animal reacts differently to enrichment, but changing a snakes habitat has the greatest enrichment potential. We switch it up week to week to keep it novel. We do enrichment for snakes 3 times a week.

One day is handling each snake for at least 5 minutes, another day is adding natural materials, such as leaves, river rocks, pinestraw, pinecones, twigs, non-animal scents, soil, moss, or hay. And the last day also has to do with their habitat but less natural materials such as t-shirt, fake plants, paper lunch bags, cardboard or pvc tubes, snake rattle (old medicine containers with a couple beans or small rocks inside), grass mats, ramps, shredded paper, mirrors, brush, or various sleeping logs.

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