QuikPost: mowing the bear exhibit- or not

March is when we start thinking about the grass in the bear yard again. We always seed, aerate and fertilize the bear yard in March- we mow too. We have everything we need on hand to proceed: LOTS of seed (we over seed), a little natural fertilizer (we don’t use/need much as the bear yard gets lots of natural fertilizer), our aerator, Kent (he’s the tractor driver), me, and the tractor. As you can see, the tractor is out of commission right now.

We’ll make arrangements to use other equipment of it’s not back together in time.

It usually only takes an hour once we are in the yard, so if you come by and see us mowing or seeding, you can watch, or return at another time to see the bears. You won’t be able to see the bears when we tend to the yard as they are locked in the house for everyone’s safety.

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