Yona Update: Day 1

Sorry, no photos, just a few words.

A difficult first day for sure. Yona had dumped all her water and ripped apart the automatic waterer (a favorite activity of all the bears) and the water bucket. She was hesitant to go into the holding yard. Once there, she paced a bunch. She seemed uninterested in food. After about 30 minutes of the same, I left her, recalling Virginia Bear’s first difficult days of pacing and apparent dissatisfaction. It made me feel a touch better.
Our other bears were agitated too. Mimi did a bunch of pacing and stomping, as did the other bears on the opposite side of Yona’s fence.

I remind myself that it will take time, things will settle down, and these trying times will pass. In the meantime, I promise we’ll get some photos up very soon!

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