It’s sad to see them go

Yesterday, I took our two red wolves to their new home at the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. The refuge has an area that is situated far away from the main road, where there are nicely wooded and grassy holding pens for keeping captive wolves that are currently not being moved to museums or zoos. But our two boys have a greater purpose for being sent to the refuge, because they are known to be good howlers. That might sound funny, but some wolves howl more than others. At the refuge, they have wolf howling programs where people can visit the refuge at night and howl at the wolves from a distance and have them howl back. The hope is that our boys will add a lot to the programs by showing off their amazing “hoooowls” for all of the visitors!

Here are some pictures of the boys being released into their new home. Alpha wolf came out of the carrier right away and started checking the area out. Blind wolf also came out right away and started sniffing around. I was surpirised to see how quickly blind wolf started to investigate his new surroundings. It seems as though they will both make a fine transition, and the people at the refuge will keep us updated on their progress. Although it is exciting to think about getting a possible breeding pair at the museum, I think it is safe to say that our two boys will be sorely missed by all the keepers here. It has been sad to go past the exhibit today and not have them there.

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  1. Katy says:

    Driving by the empty exhibit is very sad…I miss watching them run along the fence first thing in the morning and I miss their howling…I did get to hear them howling 2 days before they left. There were many sirens going off and the boys were howling like crazy!! I tried to sneak up on them to watch, but Alpha spotted me and stopped, but Blind wolf continued to howl, it was so cool to see and hear…I will miss them very much.

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