Give a snake a break!

Marilyn’s recent post on Ball python #1 reminded me of a conversation I had with a visitor. We were discussing the size of snakes in North Carolina and how most people overestimate the length of a snake when they see one.
Remember that when you are startled by a large snake, it is looking up at you from about an inch off the ground. Even if you are short like me you are probably 50 times taller than the snake! Imagine how you would feel looking up at 200 foot tall animal (roughly the size of the Statue of Liberty)!
The Dorcas lab at Davidson College has created a great resource that deals with common misconceptions about snakes. Some of the myths are pretty funny (as a kid I thought hoop snakes were real, too) yet many are commonly held beliefs (like rattlesnakes adding a new rattle every year).

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  1. ErinH says:

    I think the picture is a GREAT addition to the post. It illustrates the size difference and gives me a little smile!

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