Partying for Pig

A very cool thing happened last Friday– a museum member and her 3 year old daughter came in and brought us a whole stack of blankets for our pig. Our pig is allergic to hay (it makes his sensitive skin break out into sores) so we give him old blankets to lie on and sleep in. The little girl just had a birthday party (pig themed) and asked all of her guests to bring, instead of a gift for her, a blanket for the pig. What a cool idea! Of course, the 3 year old didn’t totally get it (“I give blankies to the pig and he will give them back to me”!), but her mom was teaching her a great lesson about giving, and the little girl got to help me give a squash to the pig (his afternoon snack).

I just thought it was a really neat idea for anytime you have a party. There are a ton of things that people could donate here at the museum for the animals (raisins, spices for enrichment, rabbit chew sticks, dish soap), or you could collect cans for your community soup kitchen, or pet supplies for the Animal Protection Society, or used books for the library book sale… the possibilities are endless.

Special thanks to that member for the blankets, and for the inspiration!

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