Trip to the National Zoological Park

On Friday I spent much of my day at the National Zoological Park in Washington, DC which is part of the Smithsonian Museum Complex. I spent most of time getting glimpses of some of the areas where the Animal Keepers work. I started my morning in the Reptile Discovery Center where I learned some helpful hints on exhibit design and modifications and saw there emergency system for dealing with venomous snake bites. As you can see from the pictures, anRead more

The London Zoo

I spent Tuesday at the London Zoo. For real, the one in England. I cannot show you any photos. My family took the camera because they were going to Buckingham Palace. Evidently that deserved the camera more than the zoo did, however you can click here to learn about the London Zoo. The zoo was very large and had some great exhibits, and because it is the oldest zoo, had a lot of ‘older’ style exhibits. I saw tapirs andRead more