QuickPost: Thank you Merck!

We had five staff from Merck out recently to help us out with some extra cleaning behind the scenes. We were able to empty and clean our reptile room, kitchen cabinets, resort food, gather pine cones and other enrichment items, and they even helped us sort mice by size so it would be easier to feed to our animals. We are very appreciative when we have Group Project Volunteers. We literally couldn’t get our jobs done without the help.  Read more

Volunteers at work

We were full staff with a bunch of volunteers Thursday and Friday, and I had no meetings until the afternoon! It meant I could get some desk work done and pop out and say hi to people. A big thanks to these six volunteers and the rest of our behind-the-scenes workers! We cannot take care of the animals without the help of volunteers– last year we had over 4,300 hours of volunteer help.Read more

Group Project Help

We’ve had three groups help us out in the past month: Lenovo did a bunch of barn and roof cleaning in the Farmyard the end of February; Durham Academy kids helped mulch in the Farm yards the second week in March, and this group from Whole Foods scooped in the bear yard and cleared off weeds and brush from all the fence lines. We got about 50 hours of work from these three groups. Click here, here, here, or here,Read more

More help, from more groups

Thanks goodness for volunteer groups that help us with manual labor projects. In September, Biogen Idec was here, scrubbing walls and cleaning up indoors. Last month, Make a Difference Day volunteers really made a difference mulching in the Farmyard animal yards.    Read more

Biogen Idec helps us clean up again

Yesterday we had a group from Biogen Idec help volunteer. We take volunteer groups several times throughout the year to help us with major manual labor projects. Given the rain, Aaron had the group working inside scrubbing & cleaning walls, floors, vents, ceilings, etc. One of the projects on the list was the Reptile Holding Room. All the cages had to be moved out. Below, Aaron and Kai working in the empty room cleaning floors and more.   When IRead more

Staring at Unicorns

Sometimes you walk into the office and this happens:   Keepers Jill and Elaina, and volunteers Colet and Tara were all intensely captivated with something acquired from the Animal Department Potluck. It’s a unicorn! Well, a unicorn Magic Eye poster. It now sits up on a shelf in the office, captivating everyone who walks in and glances upon it…not that anyone has even seen it up there amongst the clutter…who knew a Magic Eye poster could blend in so well?Read more