Where are the Red Ruffed Lemurs?

If you have been to the museum lately you may have noticed the Red Ruffed Lemurs are not on exhibit. While our new Ring Tailed Lemurs are on exhibit in indoor viewing our Red Ruffed Lemurs are on vacation. By “vacation” I mean that they don’t have to come upstairs and be on exhibit. Instead, the girls are hanging out in the downstairs holding areas. They also have access to some outdoor side cages as well.  They would normally onlyRead more

Pig Vacation

I mentioned in the last post that the pig barn was being built. While many people seem to be longing for the pigs, I am not sure the pigs are feeling the same. They appear to be quite content in their vacation home. Some photos to document their journey The Pigs and the Bears are doing just fine with this temporary set up. Granted, we’re not letting the bears near the pigs. Pigs get half the house and the bearsRead more