Lemur Super-clean

We clean the lemur house everyday but once a month we get a little crazy! We call this super-cleaning. I took some step-by-step photos from last month’s super-clean. I started this super-clean on a closed Monday afternoon and finished the next morning with Keeper Jessi. First we remove the mulch from inside viewing. This is where the Red Ruffed Lemurs hangout during the day. Basically, we shovel the mulch out, I used a laundry basket this time. We wear glovesRead more

The Farmyard is Closed…

Members of the museum are rewarded with several perks- one of them is being able to visit the museum at 9am- an hour before it opens to the general public. However, some of our animal exhibits aren’t quite open that early. Carolina Wildlife and the Farm Yard both open at 10am. The reason these exhibits aren’t open at 9 is simple really- we have to clean. Most of us Keepers arrive at 8am, we gather our food, enrichment, and volunteers and head out toRead more