Alligator Noises!

Did you know that juvenile American alligators have a specific sound they make to call their moms? Female alligators are very protective of their babies and will guard or relocate them for at least several months and possibly as long as 2 years! Here’s Troy, our education gator, chirping:Read more

Time For a Tune-Up

Now that we’re 1 month away from the grand re-opening of the Farmyard, it’s time to trade-in your well practiced sheep “baa” and try out your newly acquired alpaca “hum.” Here’s Retro, short for “Retroversion,” one of our new alpaca moms– and by far the most vocal– giving you a lesson in alpaca communication. So get practicing and in 30 days you will be ready to welcome the humming quartet into their new Farmyard home.Read more