Education Holding Room

Back on the Animal Support Hall we have an entire room of animals for education purposes which we call the EHR. The animals in the Education Holding Room are taken out by Museum Educators for special events, birthday parties, even trips to local schools.Read more

Creature Feature: Little the Silkie Chicken

Silkie chicken was donated to the museum in December of 1999 and originally lived in the farmyard with two other silkie chickens. In February of 2001, she was moved indoors to live behind the scenes as an education animal because of her good temperament, which is a common trait for the breed. Silkie chickens are one of the oldest breeds of chicken and probably originated in China, although some people have proposed their origin to be India or Java. TheyRead more


Mealworms are a portion of many Musuem animal diets, including the robins in the aviary, the bearded dragons, our Silkie chicken, and our American toads. For weeks I have been hearing rumors about a “national mealworm shortage” but as our supplier never had any problems providing us with our normal 20,000 large mealworms, I wasn’t too worried. Well, I guess this shortage has finally made its way up to the major suppliers, because when I called to order… there wereRead more