The importance of red wolf field biologists

In my previous post about red wolves, I discussed the 5 County Recovery Area. This area currently holds the only wild population of red wolves, and is closely monitored by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS). It takes a lot of hard work to keep updated records and statistics on this wild population because red wolves are notoriously shy and elusive. Some of the people willing to take on the demanding challenge of gathering this information are field biologists.Read more

Animals in the News

Below is an excerpt from a report on recent findings in wolf paleontology. This extinct species of wolf sounds a lot more vicous than the red wolves we have the museum! To read more about the research follow the links at the bottom of the post. A fearsome ├╝ber-wolf that once roamed the snowy plains of Alaska may hold warning for the fate of large carnivores today, its discoverers say. The creature’s massive jaws and powerful hulking frame made theRead more