The Wolves Tied Again!

Ranger Kaitlynn spotted M1803 and F2062 tied again yesterday. We hope to see a few more ties over the next several days. To see still shots of what our wolves looked like last year when mating click here. Check out these videos that Wolf Sarah got from Tuesday: hRead more

Tied on Tuesday!

I got a text from Autumn yesterday around 12:30. “Wolf Sarah” reported the wolves are tied! I’m hoping Ranger Greg got some photos. I’m working on getting video from Sarah, but in the meantime, here is Sarah’s report of how the morning went: Today was exciting! This was my first time seeing any of the wolves successfully tied together. When I first arrived around 10:30, I noticed that 1803 was following 2062, like normal, on the top of the hillRead more

Flashback Friday

M2246 and M2247 are grown up now, however they grew up at the Museum so we have baby pics to share! Five weeks old might be my favorite age for red wolf pups. Not a whole lot of sleeping going on in the middle of the night. Watch closely in the first video as F2062 grabs a snack (rat). She deserves a 2 AM snack as she sure puts up with a lot from her boys. Enjoy the videos (I’ll postRead more

Love Red Wolves

With F2062 cycling, we hope to see some ties between her and M1803 very soon. February 13-26 is the window when we are likely to see the wolves breeding. Last year, Valentines Day was the sweet spot! I just ordered my sweatshirt– you can click here and order your own to help support not only the wolves here but red wolf conservation as a whole. I’m a huge fan of this design since it’s based off a real picture. KeeperRead more