One Month ago

I spent some time this week going through den camera footage. We’ll have some great stuff from the end of May next week. In the meantime, here are two of my favorite clips from May 9th. The first one, from about 4 AM, has F2062,mom, and the pups sleeping/nursing in the den.   This second video may be my favorite. F2062, Mom, moved the pups out of the primary den the early evening of May 9th. Later that night, aroundRead more

Pup Exam

Here’s some video of our pup check earlier this week. I mentioned yesterday that the pups are developing at different rates. You can not only see it in how they look, but also how they react and walk away from us.  Read more

Pups on the move

Gone are the days of a pile of pups in the shape of a heart or just a wiggly pile in the den. The pups are starting to wobble and move on their own a bit. F2062, mom, moved the duo out of the den and under the hollowed out log the night of May 9th. It seems that the little ones were doing a lot of walking on their own in the den and on their way out anyway. A few videoRead more