Pupdate #19… long overdue

A long but successful day is winding down and it ends with a Pupdate. If you recall in Pupdate #18, the pups are no longer pups and catching them is a whole new world.  A couple of weeks ago when we went to catch them for their final Pup check, we couldn’t. Yes, failure, at least temporarily. We decided to call it a day and make new plans for a different day with more bodies. Our wolf exhibit is excellentRead more

Pupdate #14- everyone’s home and well.

It’s likely that everyone who is reading this knows that our pups had an unscheduled field trip (too many reports to link to, but one here and here to check out). We learned Monday morning that our pups were outside of the exhibit. The pups seemed to stay close to the wolf exhibit and scattered/hid on our first two attempts to bring them home. 7-8 week old pups can squeeze through anything, are small enough to hide in our woodsRead more

Pupdate #12

June 12 hands on check of the 6-week old pups is complete. There were two pups in each den rather than them all being together in one location. One in each den honkered-down while one in each den tried to scramble away. We transported them in the large net and did our work in the side cage area much like last time we did hands-on.   A few things to report: First, weights. Everyone is still gaining weight, and while the largestRead more

Pupdate #11… eating

Red Wolf pups nurse for over two months. By nine weeks old the pups are generally weaned. Typically around week 4-5 is when pups start eating “solid food”. By solid food I mean regurgitated food from the parents. We noticed some of the pups eating meatballs as early as 3.5 weeks old. In addition to the photos below, there is a great video from the den camera. We snipped about 8 minutes of time from about 10:00 AM-11:30 AM onRead more