Pups Out and About (sort of)

A friend was at the wolf exhibit Friday and sent me the following photos. 2246 (pup A) was up on the cliff with his parents when we arrived to clean the exhibit and feed Friday morning. At first, we thought it was 2247 (pup B) on the cliff since he seems to be out more. But as soon as we entered the exhibit and passed by the den door pup 2246 ran off the cliff and right into the den.Read more

Today’s Pup Check

A long day is finally winding down. I know all you want to see is pictures of the pups and hear about how they are doing, so I will spare you the details of the day. Both pups were in the den upon arrival! They were busy wrestling with each other and gnawing on a rat that M1803 (dad) had dropped off earlier. I say huge because, well, they are huge. Their dad, M1803 is huge (almost 80 pounds) andRead more

One Month ago

I spent some time this week going through den camera footage. We’ll have some great stuff from the end of May next week. In the meantime, here are two of my favorite clips from May 9th. The first one, from about 4 AM, has F2062,mom, and the pups sleeping/nursing in the den.   This second video may be my favorite. F2062, Mom, moved the pups out of the primary den the early evening of May 9th. Later that night, aroundRead more