Pupdate #18

My first thing to share is that they are not pups anymore. Full blown teenagers/mini-wolves is what we are dealing with now. Life is different! Look at them on the cliff. HUGE! Our work starts well before getting our hands on the wolves. Katy spends quite a bit of time getting records, check sheets, medicines, scales, supplies, vaccines, flashlights, spare batteries etc. ready to go and easily accessible for the work to come. Her planning and organization makes the workRead more

Pupdate # 15

Another Pup Check complete. All four were in the dens this morning. Three of them were in the front den and the last one (pup # 2, who seems to spend the most time by herself) was in the back den. Some photos below of what it looks like when we go to get them out of the dens.           The pups are big, and in numerical order below, from left to right. All pups gotRead more

Pupdate #12

June 12 hands on check of the 6-week old pups is complete. There were two pups in each den rather than them all being together in one location. One in each den honkered-down while one in each den tried to scramble away. We transported them in the large net and did our work in the side cage area much like last time we did hands-on.   A few things to report: First, weights. Everyone is still gaining weight, and while the largestRead more