WOW- pile of pups arrived today

I was notified last night that the female wolf, F2062, was acting very antsy. Seems like she knew Earth Day was the day to deliver her pups. Welcome to these six amazing little ones. The future of red wolves relies on these new additions and facilities like us and our partner institutions. We provide opportunities not only for breeding, but also to share information about this critically endangered species. Hopefully we are making more red wolf advocates along with moreRead more

It’s been a long time…

… Since the red wolves tied in February. Below is the original all-staff list of “will we have red wolf pups”. The Keepers have a separate, list, with every single date having pups here, and by April 22. We’ll know soon, and so will you.Read more

Last Pup Check complete

The last pup check on the red wolf pups is complete. The next planned handling will be for the fall physicals for all the red wolves. The pups aren’t really pups anymore. It happens. It happened last year, and no surprise that it happened this year. They are starting to fill into their body and each weigh over 30 pounds. You can get a feel for how big they are now by looking at Autumn holding once of them inRead more

Hollowed-out Log

Keeper Autumn salvaged the hollowed out log over one year ago and it has been a great hit at wolves ever since. We’ve seen the adult wolves in it as well as on it. We’ve seen pups in a den mostly under it and often in it. Ranger Robert shared these photos from the beginning of August. According to Robert, 2247 spends more time in the log than his brother. F2062, mom, is hanging out on top of the log.Read more

Story from the Wolf Exhibit

The commentary below and series of photos are from Ranger Robert. Enjoy, in his words, what he experienced on July 23. (dad=M1803; mom=F2062; A=pup2246; B=pup2247)   This series starts with the wolves being given 2 beef knuckles, one of which was significantly larger than the other. Dad claimed it, but everyone else wanted it. Mom tried first and was quickly met with a firm “get back” and she quickly moved to the side and watched the drama unfold. The pupsRead more

Pup Check Complete

Only one more scheduled pup check is left. The last one went very well. The first team went and got the pups quickly from the yard into the den. From there we crated the pups. The pups are so big now (each about 10 Kg) that we put them in a large crate together and took them out to our work area. A lot had to be done during this check-up. Two dewormers, the last vaccine, general check up, andRead more